What Makes us Different

Personal Attention

We take the time to understand your business. We will continually optimize your campaigns and update you on the results.

Transparent Management

We want you to look at your Google Ads results. You can access your account and look at your Reporting Dashboard anytime.

Client Satisfaction

Our number one goal is to provide the best experience possible. Results + client satisfaction = client retention.

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We customize campaigns to your situation. By partnering with us, you’ll achieve more site traffic, greater return on Ad Spend, and increased conversions.

Lowered Cost Per
Acquisition(CPA) 61%

Increased average
quality of leads

Improved search
impression share

Be in the Know

Result Reporting

You’ll always have access to your results through Performance Reports and a Reporting Dashboard.

Conversion Tracking

To ensure your campaigns are based on relevant data, we’ll implement Google Ads conversion tracking, Google Analytics, and call tracking.

Precision Targeting

We use advanced targeting techniques that put your Ads in front of the right people at the right time. Once those customers visit your site, we keep them coming back with remarketing .


A/B Testing

We develop data based on testing. We continually make adjustments to your ad positioning, bids, and campaign settings to ensure optimal performance.

Result Based Spending

To maximize your returns and minimize your costs, we identify underperforming areas and funnel your resources to the campaigns that work best.

Campaign Segmentation

We build out campaigns and individually track all the keywords and the ads they trigger. This allows, us to individually test all your campaign variables until we’ve focused in on the most effective strategies for your business.

Growing Your PPC Advertising

PPC Keyword Research

Our proprietary process finds the right keywords that provide the most leads and highest return on investment (ROI). We research your industry and your target customers’ wants and needs to determine the most effective words for your campaign to target.

PPC Optimization

Optimizing your cost-per-click and bid positioning requires constant repeat testing and adjusting. We continually optimize your landing pages and the text of your ads. We ensure the performance is effective and the quality of website traffic goes up while increasing the number of new customers.

PPC Audit

We slash overspending by taking closer looks at your previous campaigns. We discover new opportunities by using your history or diving in to know the industry. Sparkinator’s team will regularly audit your campaign’s performance in order to ensure that every penny counts.

PPC Ad Copy & Design

With Ad copy you only have a few seconds to grab attention, but you also have to think beyond the ad. We get the prospect to click on a great ad and send them to perfectly optimized landing pages to increase conversions.

PPC Multiple Touches

Most of your site visitors are not ready to buy the first time they see your offer. Targeting personas multiple times with ads allows you to be in front of these already interested visitors again and again all across the web and bring them back to your product or service. We leverage your dollars to be in front of the right prospects again and again for the highest ROI.

PPC Consulting & Reporting

Sparkinator will provide a detailed analysis and report on how your campaign is performing. Our consultation covers elements like cost of individual keywords, conversions, cost per acquisition, and ROI tracking.

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